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  • @RoxanneFlick’s Abstraction #furniture series tackles several issues found in art by way of a #mirror, #couchtable, and #sidetable. Shapes replacing the human body, the importance of function, and where the borders of design live are her focuses. Flick’s answer is to create functional #art that’s also an interactive experience, allowing users to take part in the design process itself. \\\
  • Over on @designmilktravels: Nope, that’s not a painting. That’s the landscape surrounding the @amangiri, Aman Resort’s ‘mountain of peace,’ a contemporary architectural pavilion designed to blend into the landscape while also highlighting its incomparable beauty. Get a virtual tour on @designmilk! \\\ photo by @rsimacourbe
  • The brass horns in the #sculpture of @parkerstevesounds make #music… but not how you’d expect. In this electrified sculpture, a viewer’s touch activates beautiful and unexpected recordings. Several of his interactive works are on view at the @cueart Foundation in New York in the must-see (and must hear) exhibition titled “Futurist Listening” curated by Assistant Curator of the @WhitneyMuseum, @MarcelaGuerrero. 🎶 link in bio! Photos: @sarahfrankielinder
  • Straddling the world of hand crafts and the allures of technical production, Israeli industrial designer @ofrilifshitz_design created her own middle ground: an anthropomorphized machine that’s capable of creating unique marks on the #pottery produced. \\\
  • A quick look at the market and it’s obvious that most #litterboxes are pretty horrible – either cheap plastic bins or expensive, oversized electronic ones that tend to break. Enter @tuftandpaw, a design-focused cat furniture brand that just launched a minimalist #litterbox named Cove. 🐱 more on
  • In its standard configuration, the Stand By D (designed by @100banch) has the appearances of a large contemporary #desklamp. Look carefully and one notices the lamp is comprised of two arms tucked tightly together. The smaller arm houses an array of LED lights intended to perform the typical duties of a light while also hiding a camera sensor. Called upon, the lamp monitors the surface of the desk and unfolds, revealing a “hand” mechanism capable of carefully picking up and putting away wayward pieces of stationery or other supplies left out. 🤯

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