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  • For a young couple and one of their mothers, @sim_plexdesignstudio designed a clever co-living situation to accommodate them and their beloved pets. The flexible design gives the couple, mother, parrot, and cat partially private and partially communal spaces to make everyone happy, while allowing them to come together when desired. \\\ See the tour
  • A collaboration between Portland-based designer @kristinemorich and @clayhaus has resulted in The Signal Tile collection. Its six tile designs can be combined and arranged into endless repeats or patterns. \\\
  • Have a look at our favorite picks from the @fogiacollection for 2019 unveiled in the Swedish brand's flagship concept store during Stockholm Design Week. \\\ More at
  • Stuck in a creative rut and feeling it? @thegameofcreativity can help with that! 🖤 via @designmilkeveryday and @dogmilk
  • @currentcollection is a contemporary light studio, helmed by Nash Martinez and based out of the Pacific Northwest. Because the skies are notoriously cloudy in Portland, lighting plays a larger than usual role in creating ambiance and mood, a big factor in Martinez’s design motivation. \\\
  • @cj_hendry doesn’t paint, but she does DRAW paint. Her new Rorschach series is next level - what do you see?

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